Message From Branch Mentor

Dr. Rajesh Ingle

Dear all,
It gives me immense pleasure to write this message for the new website of PICT IEEE Student Branch (PISB). It is a great contribution by PICT IEEE Student Branch, which provides an opportunity for all, including student members, to showcase their talent, views and further strengthen IEEE activities. PISB has always been a platform for all the students to learn and polish their skills in various fields. The students, faculty and professionals alike have always aimed to enhance the awareness of technical developments and trends among all its members.

It is a great pleasure to serve PISB as a Counsellor. It is a really interesting, valuable and great learning experience to work at various levels in IEEE. As a counsellor at PICT IEEE Student Branch; as a Chair, Conference Committee at IEEE Pune Section; Vice Chair, IEEE India Council, IEEE Region 10 Students Activity Coordinator; and Member, MGA SAC, I am thankful to all the members of PICT IEEE Student Branch for their active support. In January 2018, I had an opportunity to attend IEEE Region 10 meeting at Yangon, Myanmar. I also got an opportunity to participate in IEEE Region 10 Annual General meeting which was held at Berjaya Langkawi Resort, Malaysia on 3th & 4th March. I also had an opportunity to organize R10 Sywl Congress at Bali, Inodnesia, 30th August to 2nd September, 2018.

I would also like to mention the strong support from Mr R.S. Kothavale, Managing Trustee, SCTR; Mr Swastik Sirsikar, Secretary, SCTR; Dr P.T. Kulkarni, Principal PICT and all the students who worked at this level. We try our level best to create an environment where students keep updating themselves with the emerging trends, technology and innovations. At PISB, many events are conducted throughout the year and widely appreciated by students, acclaimed academicians and industry professionals alike. The events include IEEE Day, workshops, Special Interest Group (SIG) activities, Credenz and Credenz Tech Dayz.

As branch counselor it makes me truly ecstatic to witness the substantial progress made by the members every year and PISB's role in the advancement of scientific knowledge and progressive ideas. I thank all the members for their contribution and interest. On behalf of IEEE R10 & IEEE Pune Section, I wish PISB all the success.

Prof. Dr. Rajesh Ingle
IEEE R10 (Asia Pacific) Student Activities Chair
Vice Chair, IEEE India Council
Dean and Professor, PICT

Message From Branch Counsellor

Dear all,
It gives me immense pleasure to serve PICT IEEE Student Branch (STB18461) as a Branch Counsellor. As a member of IEEE Pune Section, I got a chance to contribute towards PISB activities since 2006. I am thankful to all the fellow members of PISB for their active support and their commendable efforts.

As a secretary of IEEE Pune Section, I realized the benefits of IEEE which make every member technically current and competitive. IEEE is also known as the world's largest technical professional organization. We, at IEEE provide tools for members to build a network of valuable professionals across the industry/academia and sharpen their leadership skills.

PISB provides a platform for students to get more insightful knowledge into the technical world through many activities conducted by its members. At PISB, the events are conducted throughout the year which are Credenz and Credenz Tech Dayz (CTD), which are widely appreciated by students, acclaimed academicians and industry professionals.

I feel proud to share the achievements of our student branch in the past. PISB has recently earned an award as an outstanding branch in IEEE Pune Section.This was possible only due to the active involvement by the students in various disciplines and their commendable efforts. We, at PISB will continue to involve students in their technical interests and further strengthen IEEE activities.

Prof. Dr. Amar Buchade
Secretary, IEEE Pune Section
Professor, PICT

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) is an International organization, which has been the nexus for propagating scientific expertise among people all over the globe. IEEE continues to attract students, faculty and professionals from various fields all around the world and is committed to incorporating diversity in thoughts which is essential for scientific development. IEEE serves as a hub to many engineering students and faculty members for expressing their technical acuity to the world and has always been at the forefront of the technical revolution.

PICT IEEE Student Branch (PISB)

PICT IEEE Student Branch (PISB) was established in the year 1988 with an aim of inculcating a sense of technical awareness amongst its student members. PISB aims to escalate the knowledge and trends in the diverse fields of technologies amongst its members. PISB upholds two major events every year - Credenz and Credenz Tech Dayz with the first one being conducted in odd semester and the latter one in even semester. PISB is also marked by its Women in Engineering (WIE) chapter, an initiative for empowerment of women.

PICT IEEE Newsletter Group (P.I.N.G.)

P.I.N.G. (PICT IEEE Newsletter Group) is the official technical magazine of PISB published twice a year. P.I.N.G. serves as a platform for individuals to portray their technical ingenuity. It highlights articles on cutting-edge technologies from technocrats all around the globe including students, industrialists and faculty members. It also features interviews of distinguished personalities in various technical domains. P.I.N.G. aims at keeping its readers up to date on recent developments in technology and helps them extrapolate their perceptions to contemporary ideas of modernisation. With the imminent Issue 16.1, be ready to get PING'd!

Women In Engineering (WIE)

PISB Women In Engineering (WIE) with an objective of starting an active Pune WIE chapter aims to facilitate the global recruitment and retention of women in technical disciplines. The Group has consistently conducted workshops and seminars for spreading technical literacy, where people can learn, inspire and grow. With the guidance of the WIE Pune Chapter, PISB WIE members have visited various rural areas, teaching excursion to orphanages and several activities conducted to increase girls' participation.

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